Source Name Mean of Trichome from Susceptible Line
Species Medicago sativa potato leaf hopper susceptible line, Forage Genetics International
Organism trichome
Development Stage adult
Chip AffyMedicago
Description mean of Trichome-S1,Trichome-S2 and Trichome-S3.

Trichomes were collected from 20 alfalfa plants and pooled together as one replicate for both metabolome and transcriptome experiments. After the first replicate samples were collected, the plants were cut back and grow for 2 weeks. Trichomes collected from these plants were the second replicate samples. And the 3rd replicates samples were collected from the cutting back of the 2nd replicate plants. The semi-quantification will be based on the amount of stems used to collect trichome.
Contact Yuhong Tang
Microarray Facility, Plant Biology Division
The Samuel Roberts NOBLE Foundation, Inc.
Ardmore, OKLAHOMA, U.S.A - 73401.
Normalize Approach For each Affymetrix array hybridized, the resulting .cel file was exported from GeneChip Operating Software Version 1.4 (Affymetrix) and imported into Robust Multiarray Average (RMA; Irizarry et al., 2003) for global normalization. Presence/absence call for each probe set was obtained using dCHIP (Li and Wong, 2001).
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