Source Name Trichome-Stem-R2
Species Medicago sativa potato leaf hopper resistance line, Forage Genetics International
Organism trichome and stem
Development Stage adult
Chip AffyMedicago
Description Trichomes were isolated from stems (2 weeks after cut back), approximately 8–12 in. long, clipped from plants 2–3 in. above the crown. With minimal handling of the stems, the apical buds, leaves, and nodes were excised and discarded, while the internode segments were frozen by immersion in liquid nitrogen. Small batches of frozen stem segments (approximately 20–30 pieces) were placed in 50 ml plastic polypropylene screw-cap tubes containing liquid nitrogen with the lids loosened. After the nitrogen had evaporated, the tube was vortexed for 45 s to shear off the trichomes. The tube was immediately placed back in liquid nitrogen, and the stem segments removed. The collected trichome was divided into two parts equally: one part was used to isolate RNA for Microarray experiments and another part was used for metabolite profiling.
Contact Yuhong Tang
Microarray Facility, Plant Biology Division
The Samuel Roberts NOBLE Foundation, Inc.
Ardmore, OKLAHOMA, U.S.A - 73401.
Normalize Approach For each Affymetrix array hybridized, the resulting .cel file was exported from GeneChip Operating Software Version 1.4 (Affymetrix) and imported into Robust Multiarray Average (RMA; Irizarry et al., 2003) for global normalization. Presence/absence call for each probe set was obtained using dCHIP (Li and Wong, 2001).
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